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About Data Wellness

A boutique consultancy focused on...


  • Data licensing partnership development between content owners and technology builders

  • Guidance for news publishers and social platforms navigating complex data monetization use cases, including generative AI training and enterprise business intelligence / media analytics

  • Product management consultancy for data product builders including text mining, data APIs, taxonomy management, data governance and related product areas


About Jay Krall - Principal Consultant


As a Wall Street Journal food industry reporter, Jay gathered public opinion on foot, from people in grocery stores and restaurants. Since 2008, he has managed software products which help businesses understand public opinion from billions of social media discussions and news articles.

Jay led the development of audience data products for Facebook and Reddit, and has delivered open-data analytics and custom AI projects for Fortune 100 clients. He has consulted on data strategy for firms specializing in cybersecurity, investment banking, digital advertising and security. Most recently, he led data partnerships for London Stock Exchange-traded Access Intelligence Plc. 

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