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When researchers license quality data,
with a healthy understanding 
of its capabilities & limitations,

we call that data wellness



Partnership Development Services

Find new ways to monetize & license your company's content data


Data Sourcing Review

Optimize your data supplier mix for better value & governance


Data Market Expansion

Find new markets for your datasets

Our Work

Data Wellness is a boutique consultancy focused on a purpose too rarely discussed. 

Data wellness happens when companies license quality data which answers their research questions, with a strong understanding of the data's origins, biases and allowed uses. 


Why data wellness?

With the rise of generative AI, data licensing has become a central issue in all media and technology businesses. 

Data costs have risen for technology builders, who are also navigating new usage restrictions from content owners trying to safeguard and monetize content in the generative AI revolution.

The data governance landscape is changing too, with new case law emboldening data collectors, while international tensions lead to new regional constraints on data access.  


How we help

It's a lot to navigate. In many businesses, these issues deserve more attention.


Getting more value from data starts with a deep understanding its strengths and limitations.


If you'd like to discuss improving data wellness in your business, please reach out

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